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Feed It Back reports that complaint resolutions using recovery vouchers increase revisit rates

May 8, 2024

Feed It Back reports that complaint resolutions using recovery vouchers increase revisit rates and 86% of guests are satisfied when complaints are resolved within 48 hours.

Feed It Back, the guest experience experts have released a new insights report analysing guest recovery and loyalty data in partnership with Airship and Toggle.

The report analysed over 2 million surveys and showed that 8% of these resulted in a ’complaint’. The share of complaints was only slightly higher at the weekend at 9%. The NPS for these surveys was -26 compared with the overall NPS of 65

The study also reveals that Celebratory-led occasions drive a larger share of complaints, particularly on Saturdays in restaurants and Pubs drive the largest share of complaints on Sundays.

December NPS for those who complained was -35, the lowest out of the 12-month period. It was all food-related topics impacting this the most with menu choice having the biggest detractor share.

73% of guests were satisfied with the response to their complaint. Where complaints were resolved in 48 hours or less, there was an 86% satisfaction rate. Guests who were unsatisfied with their resolution received vouchers of a higher value by £2. There wasn’t one particular area of the guest experience driving dissatisfaction and Feed It Back recommend that operators need to ensure complaint resolutions are timely, empathetic and address key issues raised within the complaint.

Revisit rates are higher when recovery vouchers are used across all NPS advocacy groups, however, there is an opportunity to drive better loyalty with passives through CRM journeys and segmentation.

£18.91 was the average voucher value and vouchers over £20 see a higher redemption rate. Redemption rates are highest at 40% when they are valid for 365 days according to Toggle data. However, operators should encourage a revisit sooner to increase brand loyalty.

Joint Feed It Back and Airship clients saw an 88% opt-in rate for marketing.

You can download the new report here

Feed It Back is the customer experience dashboard for hospitality operators.  It gathers the data to tell you how customers feel about your business and shows how you’re performing across your estate, region, and venue in absolute detail.  You can see what customers love and exactly where they think you can improve to keep them coming – so they recommend you to others. Feed It Back’s experts become part of your team, highlighting trends, making sure you don’t miss subtle details, and sharing insights to help you build your reputation.

It currently boasts a range of clients including Loungers, LEON, Revolution Bars Group, Giggling Squid, Boston Tea Party, Rosa’s Thai, TGI Friday’s, and Pho to name a few.

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