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The Best Restaurant CRM Systems in the UK

If a customer has a negative experience, it's not just a one-time loss; it could mean they never return. We recognize the importance of creating a welcoming atmosphere, serving delicious food, and providing excellent service. 

For restaurants aiming to elevate the customer experience and improve customer retention, a powerful Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is a game-changer. 

The best restaurant CRM systems in the UK help streamline operations while providing valuable insights into customer preferences and habits. They’re pretty much the perfect software for anyone within hospitality. 

So join us as we delve into the intricacies of the best restaurant CRM systems, guiding you through the innovative software shaping the future of dining experiences across the United Kingdom.

The Top Restaurant CRM Systems


Airship was founded in 2003 and originally started as an SMS service for nightclubs and bars before becoming a full-service agency. Today, Airship is a CRM and email marketing platform used exclusively by hospitality businesses. 

The powerful CRM system supports hospitality businesses looking to drive engagement, loyalty and revenue through comprehensive and robust data. Another plus, it integrates with 55+ tech providers to collect data from various points across a brand’s operation. 

Airship also comes with a fully decked-out email builder which can be used to build engagement, drive further engagement, and encourage repeat visitors. In 2024, email marketing is essential, and the standout feature makes it a seamless process. 

Since Airship is specifically designed for the hospitality industry, you can safely assume that every feature and upgrade has you in mind. Over 300 brands currently rely on Airship to manage data and oversee digital communications. 

Airship CRM's best features 


Airship lets you effortlessly set up automated email processes to help you save time while still getting the job done. Welcome customers with a series of emails, offer birthday rewards, promote specials, or wish them a happy anniversary- whatever works, you can automate. 

Proof of Presence 

Proof of Presence (PoP) is an innovative technology that informs you how often, when, and where your guests have visited. You’ll get a clear insight into how your marketing strategy is impacting footfall in your venues, as well as valuable data on customer habits. Perfect for informing future decisions. 


Airship CRM places a huge emphasis on data. You have access to reports covering admin, feedback, vouchers, exports, trends and contacts. You can also prepare custom reports - all you do is choose the metrics and date range, and let it do its thing. Reports can also be easily exported. 


Airship CRM integrates with over 55 different tech providers to collect powerful data across all customer engagement. 

Unlimited support 

Don’t worry if you’re struggling to figure it out, with Airship you get a whole team of hospitality specialists ready to assist you with any issues, queries or concerns. It doesn’t matter how big or small the problem is, the support team is there to help. 

Omnichannel Communications

Email and SMS services are available for you to engage with your customers across different mediums. Ready-made email templates can be used or custom templates can be built. Choose what works, and get going. 


The pricing for Airship CRM depends on how many locations you have. It’s divided as follows: 

  • 1 Location: A set-up fee of £600 per location and a standard licence of £150 per location per month. 
  • 2 to 5 Locations: A set-up fee of £400 per location and a standard licence of £120 per location per month. 
  • 6 to 15 Locations: A set-up fee of £300 per location and a standard licence of £90 per location per month.
  • 16 to 30 Locations: A set-up fee of £250 per location and a standard licence of £75 per location per month. 
  • 31 to 50 Locations: A set-up fee of £200 per location and a standard licence of £55 per location per month. 
  • 51 to 100 Locations: A set-up fee of £100 per location and a standard licence of £45 per location per month. 
  • 100+ Locations: A set-up fee of £75 per location and a standard licence of £30 per location per month. 

An Airship Plus Licence can be purchased for an additional £20 per month per location. With Airship Plus, the Airship team take care of most of the heavy lifting - it is ideal for restaurants that are short on resources or want to get the maximum out of automated marketing. 


Founded in 2016, Stampede is a hospitality management and marketing solution that assists restaurants with engaging and retaining new or existing customers through automated messaging, reviews collection, guest Wi-Fi network and other powerful digital tools.

With Stampede, you get location-based analytics to help you compare data across multiple sites regarding the customer experience. The application includes a range of marketing tools that can be used to create template-based email campaigns and share personalised messages with certain customer segments. 

Another standout feature of Stampede is the captive portal for supervisors and managers to capture customer data and habits such as food preferences, frequency of visits, age, etc. 

The popular CRM system seamlessly integrates with multiple third-party applications via Zapier, connecting directly with MailChimp and Textlocal to update changes within the contact database. 

The feature-rich platform is trusted by over 1800 different hospitality businesses to drive more engagement, retain more customers and boost sales. 

Stampede’s best features 

Customer Profile Management 

All customer data is stored in one centralised place. You can easily access, update and review data to help you improve direct customer communication and marketing processes. 


Stampede provides intuitive marketing automation to assist you with sending personalised emails and SMS campaigns using the data captured by Stampede. Automatically engage with regulars through happy birthday wishes and special offers to help you improve customer retention. 

Automated marketing campaigns let you focus on other core tasks and ultimately enhance the operational efficiency of your restaurant. 

Location-Based Analytics 

With location-based analytics, you can accurately track hard-to-measure aspects of your business and get a clearer picture of your in-venue customers' demographics, habits, and preferences. 

You can also easily compare data across multiple locations and identify the key areas that need improvement. Accurate headcounts are provided based on people and not just bookings and/or payments. 

Digital Stamp Cards

Digital stamp cards are a loyalty-based system that rewards repeat customers with discounts, free meals, or any other incentive that may appeal to your audience. You set the reward and how many stamps are needed to claim them. Your customers then download the Stampede Loyalty app which keeps all their cards in one place for tracking. 

Customers can stamp digital loyalty cards by logging into the WiFi, scanning a QR code, or tapping an NFC tag unique to your venue. 

Email & SMS Marketing 

The email and SMS marketing service is a powerful tool that helps you communicate with and retain customers. The service includes an easy-to-use drag-and-drop builder, seamless customer segmentation, ready-made templates, and accurate conversion tracking. 

Review Management System

The review management system makes collecting and monitoring your online reviews easy. Your customers are automatically asked to leave a review via post-visit email or a QR code.

Customer experiences are rated from 1-5 stars on your branded page and positive reviews are redirected to Tripadvisor, Facebook and Google. Negative reviews are kept in the Stampede database. 


The pricing of Stampede is dependent on the features you’d like included. For an accurate quote, you’ll need to fill out a form to build your ideal package, and a custom quote is generated for you. Pricing starts at £89 per month per location.


Paytronix was founded over 20 years ago with the distinct aim of helping businesses create great experiences for their guests and customers.

The all-in-one customer experience platform creates a frictionless experience for you and your customers, combining data and marketing automation in one centralised dashboard. 

Paytronix provides you with deep insight into your customers' behaviour and preferences; giving you the tools to send personalised, targeted and real-time messages and offers to multiple customers at once. 

The marketing automation tool lets you create consistent and personalised customer experiences, deliver them across channels, and ultimately boost brand loyalty. The flexibility of the system means you can engage with customers in the manner that suits them best. 

As with most CRM systems, Paytronix gives you access to powerful data to help inform future marketing campaigns and customer engagement techniques. 

Paytronix’s best features 

Data Insights

Paytronix runs all customer data through algorithms uncovering actionable insights that can be used to improve marketing campaigns and create new opportunities. A data profile is created for each guest and the platform analyses guest behaviours. 

The behavioural trends can then inform new strategic initiatives and optimised campaigns. Continuous monitoring of your customers’ habits helps you predict future behaviour and determine the likelihood of guests performing specific actions. 

Loyalty Features 

Paytronix also offers loyalty programs tailored for restaurants. Whether you prefer to use a simple points-based system or a custom-made program, they are easy to implement and designed to improve customer engagement and retention.  


The marketing automation features can help you save significant time as a restaurant owner or manager. Automatically identify clusters or segments with artificial intelligence, build personal campaigns in 5 minutes or less, test channels, messages and offers, and analyse real-time data. 

Online Ordering 

Paytronix offers a customer-focused online ordering experience for restaurants with an easy interface, branded apps, and responsive microsites. Features also include a custom menu builder and centralised menu management where everything can be updated; giving your guests accurate prices and item availability. 


Paytronix can integrate with over 450 platforms including over 30 integrations with POS systems alone. Whether you need to improve customer identification, delivery services, or real-time accruals, the range of possible integrations can add great value to your guests' experiences. 

Omnichannel Communications 

Paytronix makes it easy for you to communicate with customers, leads, suppliers, employees, and whoever else from one central place. You can connect your email, phone, social media, website forms and live chat to boost communication processes. 

AI-Powered Support 

The AI features let you personalise the customer experience with data-driven marketing campaigns powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Strategic use of AI leads to improved decision-making and efficiency across the board. 


The pricing for Paytronix is flexible and entirely dependent on the features you need. Quotes can be requested from the website. All you have to do is fill out a form and mark the features you want included, and a custom quote will be generated. 

Zoho CRM 

Zoho CRM is an award-winning platform trusted by over 250K businesses across 180 different countries throughout the world. They aim to help businesses convert more leads, engage with customers, and grow revenue.

Zoho CRM acts as a single centralised system to bring your sales, marketing, and customer support activities together, and streamline your process, policies, and employee activities. 

The user-friendly interface makes it easy to learn and use, and you can effortlessly connect with other Zoho apps. You also have access to the Zoho mobile app, where you can access contacts, leads, notes and deals directly from your phone. 

Zia, the AI-powered tool, forms part of the Zoho CRM system and can take dictation, find data, and spot issues based on sales trends or customer habits. From salesforce automation to process management, the Zoho CRM system helps you make informed business decisions, improve efficiency, and increase sales. 

Zoho CRM’s best features 


The sales automation features help you generate leads via website forms, social media and emails. You’ll also get real-time metrics about your customers to build stronger relationships. 

The workflow automation tool lets you automate sales routines, analyze performances, and chain together multiple rules in a single workflow to help you boost efficiency. Don’t waste time manually taking care of every mundane task and let automation take over. 

Process Management 

Process automation lets you set up blueprints for your employees covering every part of the customer journey. You can easily integrate your offline sales processes into your CRM to boost efficiency and improve processes. 

Data & Analytics 

Comprehensive data and analytics features help you measure the performance of sales activity and break down quotas into achievable targets with Zoho CRM reports, analytics, and forecasts. 

Predictive Sales 

With the robust AI tool, Zia, you can fetch the information you need, take notes, predict future sales, detect anomalies, and automate tasks. Getting accurate predictions on sales makes it much easier to prepare for your future as a restaurant. 


The pricing for Zoho CRM is separated into four distinct tiers; standard, professional, enterprise and ultimate. 

  • Standard: Priced at £9.43 per month, the standard tier is for restaurants looking to automate and optimise sales cycles. 

  • Professional: Priced at £15.72 per month, the professional tier is for those looking to improve customer acquisition and accelerate growth. 

  • Enterprise: Priced at £27.51 per month, the enterprise tier is for those who need to manage global CX operations with the full CRM system’s features. 

  • Ultimate: Priced at £35.37 per month, the ultimate tier allows for exponential scaling with dedicated BI capabilities. 


SevenRoom is a hospitality CRM platform that makes it easy for restaurants to manage customers, data and relationships from one central platform. 

SevenRooms comes with powerful guest management software that gives you a full view of both on-premises and off-premises guests. You’ll get data on customer habits and preferences that can help create personalised experiences without the need for additional staff. 

The critical insights you capture about your guests lead to more informed decisions and improved customer retention. The open API guarantees that your data moves freely in and out of the CRM platform. 

The SevenRooms CRM software cuts out the middleman between you and your guests. Capture rich guest data, reduce no-shows and cancellations, and improve your overall connection with customers to boost retention. 

SevenRooms’ best features 

Guest Management 

The robust guest management features give you a fully integrated front-of-house platform across on and off-premise to create a truly holistic view of your guests. You’ll get on and off-premise history, real-time point-of-sale data, standard and custom guest tags, automatic profile building and guest feedback linked to profiles.

Table & Order Management

SevenRooms’ table and order management system is designed to serve restaurants of all sizes - whether you have 500 seats or 10. The fully integrated iOS and web apps allow you to effortlessly manage reservations alongside requests, waitlist guests, and online orders. The feature comes with AI-powered auto seating, in-service alerts and notifications, and two-way SMS marketing. 

Data Management 

Easily manage, share and leverage data across your organisation with effective data management features. With a centralised guest database and group-level reporting, you’ll get clear and actionable insights into your customers’ preferences and habits. 

Online Ordering 

Cut out third-party fees with a direct online ordering system that boosts guest retention and repeat orders automatically. The online and mobile ordering system includes integrated delivery, flexible promo codes and multiple menu options. 

The white-labelled solution is an extension of your brand and gives you full control over the ordering experience. SevenRooms CRM essentially gives you everything you need to create and manage a profitable, off-premise revenue stream.

Marketing Automation 

SevenRooms lets you automate your email marketing campaigns with ready-made or custom templates triggered by certain customer events. Automate emails to regulars who haven’t showed in a while and first-time guests, and respond to both positive and negative feedback. 

With automated guest profile creation, you get data on your customers’ favourite dishes, how they book, how much time they spend, and how frequently they order from your restaurant. 

Reservation Management 

Monitor, manage and analyse your reviews from one central dashboard. You’ll get aggregated reviews from Google, Facebook, Yelp, Grubhub, Seamless, Tripadvisor and your own direct feedback surveys. This makes it easy to identify and resolve issues and double down on what’s working well. 


SevenRooms has three different packages and multiple add-ons that they tailor based on your restaurant’s specific needs. They don’t charge cover fees for reservations. For specific pricing information, you’ll need to book a call with the sales team. 

Agile CRM 

Agile is an all-in-one CRM software made to supercharge sales, marketing and service. The popular platform is trusted by over 15K brands. With Agile you can automate all your sales and marketing processes while avoiding data leaks to boost efficiency and drive revenue. 

Over 500 possible integrations across marketing, sales and productivity add to the already feature-rich platform. The app is targeted at small to medium-sized businesses hoping to improve efficiency without hiring additional staff or sacrificing quality. 

A range of marketing and sales features make this one of the strongest CRM platforms for restaurants. Whether you need to improve contact management, automate marketing workflows, or offer a more personalised customer experience - Agile CRM makes it easy. 

You also get powerful insight into customer and prospect activity taking place on your website with detailed analytical reports for any of your guests. By taking charge of your data, you can drastically improve customer relations. 

Agile CRM’s Best Features 

Contact Management 

The contact management software keeps all your contacts in one place, accessible by all members of your team with actionable data updated in real-time. Get deep insight into customers' interests, behaviours, and interactions with your brand.

Project Management 

The drag-and-drop task list makes it easy to manage projects. With the project management feature, you can ensure consistent messaging and no data leaks while ensuring all departments remain in sync with each other. 

Email & Mobile Marketing 

The email marketing software comes with premade templates or custom templates, personalisation of targeted messages, streamlined lead qualification, and robust analytics on email marketing campaigns. 

You can also send out personalised SMSs and integrate mobile messaging into your marketing activities. Send automated mobile messages based on contact actions, build mobile marketing campaign workflows and target customers based on activity. 

Web Engagement 

Agile CRM also comes with plenty of web integration tools to use on your restaurant’s website. Create pop-ups for new visitors, recognise repeat visitors, and get data on anonymous visitors. 

Marketing Automation 

Agile’s marketing automation software allows businesses of all sizes to optimise their efficiency and customer relationships. The intuitive drag-and-drop designer tool lets you effortlessly build multi-step marketing campaigns visually in minutes. You can automate your marketing processes across emails and social media platforms with customisable templates. 

Landing Page Builder 

Create responsive web pages for your campaigns with the seamless drag-and-drop designer tool with new templates released every week. You can also easily add web forms to capture leads and trigger automated marketing campaigns. 


The pricing for Agile CRM is divided into four tiers: free, starter, regular, and enterprise. 

Free: Agile offers a free plan for up to 10 users. All standard features are included but you’re limited to 1000 contacts and one campaign workflow, no automation, no social monitoring, no access to the knowledge base and no two-way email integration. 

Starter: The starter plan is priced at £7.1 per month. Additional features for automated marketing, two-way email integration, social monitoring and access to the knowledge base are included. You’re limited to 10,000 contacts and 5 campaign workflows. The tier does not include mobile marketing or two-way telephony services. 

Regular: The regular plan is priced at £23.6 per month. All of the above features are included as well as mobile marketing and two-way telephony services. You’re limited to 50,000 contacts and 10 campaign workflows. 

Enterprise: The enterprise plan is priced at £37.70 per month. All of the above features are included and there are no limits on your contacts. Additional features include an onboarding coach, a dedicated account rep, automated voicemails, call recording, and post-call automation. 


Piggy specialise in loyalty software to boost customer engagement, retention, and communication. From SMEs to franchises, they have helped countless businesses optimise customer and employee rewards and benefits through the integration of loyalty programs. 

Piggy’s software is compatible with your existing tools and systems. Whether it’s your eCommerce, POS, or HR software, there’s no need to upgrade or find something new. All you do is connect to the software, and you can begin building the loyalty programs and campaigns that you need. 

With the CRM tool, you’ll get comprehensive profiles of guests and employees, behaviours, and preferences. Filters and lists make it easy for you to create overviews of members, segments and individuals. Add new member data, customise data formats, or export data for further analysis - you can do it all. 

Data on customers is automatically collected so you’re never out of the loop when it comes to engagement levels. If it’s not clear yet, where Piggy shines is in its loyalty software. Reward your loyal customers with points, discounts, gift cards, freebies, and whatever else makes sense. A high-quality loyalty program is a perfect way to boost customer retention. 

The best part? You can automate the whole thing. Build ideal custom workflows or choose a template to automate personalised messaging, gift card creation, benefits, rewards, and more. 

Piggy CRM’s best features

Loyalty Software 

Create a robust loyalty program within days, and give customers a reason to return with a range of rewards and benefits - all from one dashboard. You can create custom rewards, segment-specific rewards, online and offline rewards, and more. It’s all in your hands. 

You’ll even get a custom loyalty app and digital cards included. On the app, you can display rewards, tiers, and various saving opportunities to encourage return visitors. 


Piggy provides you with a library of pre-set automations so you don't have to waste any time.  You can choose from one of the templates or create your own. Templates include automations for happy hour, transaction round-ups, and loyalty rewards. 

You can seamlessly create action-based workflows and set the triggers you want. Decide between delays, if/then branches, or even automate profile enrichment with contact attributes.

Email Marketing 

The quick-fire email marketing service lets you effortlessly launch on-brand and custom email marketing campaigns to engage new customers and foster existing ones. The email automation tool is built for efficiency with a wide range of templates available, making it simple to automate each step of the customer journey. 

The drag-and-drop design feature, complete with formatting and design options, lets you sculpt the perfect email with ease. 

Data & Analytics 

Data is automatically collected on the platform and can be segmented, organised or exported for further analysis. You can also customise data formats and properties with custom attributes. 

Get actionable insights into customer engagement, preferences, and frequency of visits to inform future campaigns and decision-making. 


Don’t sweat it if you already have HR, POS and eCommerce software - Piggy integrates with your existing systems with ease. No need to update or change anything, all you have to do is connect. 


Piggy’s pricing can be divided into four tiers: free, starter, pro, and enterprise. 

  • Free: At no cost, you get everything you need to start a basic loyalty program. No other features are included. 
  • Starter: Priced at £40 per month, the starter plan is perfect for small businesses who need basic tools to grow the business.
  • Pro: Priced at £127 per month, the pro plan is for businesses looking to scale up their loyalty and customer base.
  • Enterprise: Priced at £266 per month, the enterprise tier is for large businesses looking to grow loyalty across multiple channels and markets. 

Acteol CRM

Acteol CRM is a hospitality-focused Customer Relationship Management system with smart segmentation, targeted messaging and automated cross-channel campaigns to help you boost customer retention. 

You can build personalised and trackable campaigns that enable you to improve the customer experience and keep them returning frequently. Effortlessly design custom templates with drag-and-drop functionality and responsive on-brand email templates to enhance your email marketing efforts. 

The Single Customer View provides you with a deep understanding of individual customers. You’ll get actionable insights into their preferences, behaviours, and lifecycle within your restaurant - helping you make informed decisions in the future. 

Acteol CRM makes it easy to implement a loyalty program. You can effortlessly create a loyalty system where customers are rewarded for repeat purchases with discounts, vouchers or points. 

The powerful feedback system is perfect for capturing reviews and customer experiences. Feedback is sent to team members based on location and category selected by the customer with guidelines controlling the flow of tickets to guarantee a quick response. 

Acteol CRM’s best features 

Campaign Builder 

With Acteols Campaign Builder, you get a centralised platform for tracking emails, texts, and push notifications. You can create personalised dynamic content and trigger campaigns based on customer behaviour, and easily design custom templates that suit your branding and tone. 

Loyalty Program 

Acteol has a robust loyalty system that lets you offer rewards such as points or stamps for customer spending and activities. You can effortlessly redefine ways to earn, assign rewards based on specific criteria, and run loyalty campaigns to segmented customer groups.

Audience Management 

The audience management tool lets you expand your reach by engaging customers through social channels by building custom and lookalike audiences, retargeting website visitors, and managing advertising budgets. 

Feedback System 

The feedback system is the perfect way to find out what people are saying about your restaurant. The tool collects and routes customer feedback and enquiries to relevant team members, while also providing a full audit trail of internal comments and correspondence with customers.

Insights & Reports 

No CRM system is complete without powerful data and reports. Review data filtered by site, date, segment, and demographic, and export as chart images or raw data whenever you please

Weather Trigger 

The unique weather trigger feature lets you build and schedule campaigns around specific weather conditions and changes. All you do is define a location for where the weather will be tracked and add criteria around the weather forecast - your campaign only takes off if the weather conditions you set are met.

Social Media Manager 

The social media module lets you manage multiple social media channels with real-time tracking, sentiment analysis, and customisable dashboards to help you improve your online presence. 


The Acteol CRM system effortlessly connects with EPoS, wifi, booking, online ordering, pay at table, click & collect, website, payroll, feedback platforms and loyalty systems. 


For information on Acteol CRM’s pricing structure, you’ll need to book a call with the sales team and request a quote based on your needs. 

Eat App CRM

Eat App CRM
Eat App CRM

In the competitive landscape of the hospitality industry, the quest for a seamless reservation system that caters to the nuanced needs of restaurants, F&B groups, and hotels is relentless. Eat App positions itself as a front-runner in this domain, offering an all-encompassing solution that encompasses reservation management, marketing, guest reviews, payment suites, and significantly more. This review aims to shed light on the features, advantages, and overall utility of Eat App, underlining its acclaim as the preferred reservation system for ease of use and its adoption by the world's leading hospitality brands across more than 70 countries.

Comprehensive Features Tailored for the Hospitality Sector

Seamless Online Bookings: Eat App simplifies the booking process, enabling commission-free reservations directly from a restaurant's website, Instagram, Google, and other social platforms, thereby reducing reliance on third-party fees and fostering direct guest relationships.

Automated Venue Management: By automating repetitive tasks such as guest tagging, message dissemination, and payment capture, Eat App significantly enhances operational efficiency, allowing staff to focus on delivering memorable dining experiences.

Boosted Guest Retention: With features designed to increase repeat visits, including post-dining surveys and targeted email marketing, Eat App not only helps in crafting unforgettable experiences but also turns first-time guests into regular patrons.

Real-time Support and Data Analysis: Offering 24/7 real-time support and a suite of tools for performance analysis, Eat App empowers restaurants to make informed decisions, track VIPs and regulars, and continuously improve their service based on actionable insights.

Device Agnostic Platform: Unlike systems restricted to iPad use, Eat App offers unparalleled flexibility by syncing across iPhone, Android, web browsers, and iPad, ensuring accessibility and convenience for restaurant operators.

A Testament to Global Acceptance

The broad spectrum of prestigious brands and establishments leveraging Eat App—ranging from Kempinski Hotel and Resorts to Four Seasons Hotel and Resorts, and vibrant dining venues like The Maine Oyster Bar and Grill—testifies to its global acceptance and effectiveness. This widespread adoption underscores Eat App's capability to meet diverse operational demands and guest expectations, making it a preferred choice for hospitality giants in over 70 countries.

Impact on Reservations and Profit

Eat App's impact on the hospitality sector is quantifiable, with venues reporting significant increases in direct bookings, enhanced guest satisfaction, and reduced no-show rates through upfront payments and pre-paid bookings. Additionally, the system's flexibility in managing shifts, floor plans, and guest databases simplifies the transition for new users, promising a streamlined setup process that can be completed in minutes.

Forging the Future of Hospitality

Eat App's foresight in addressing the evolving needs of the hospitality industry is evident in its continuous enhancement of features like prepayments, guest reviews, pay-at-table options, and comprehensive marketing tools. These advancements not only cater to the immediate needs of restaurants and hotels but also anticipate future trends, positioning Eat App as a visionary in the realm of hospitality management.

Conclusion: A Strategic Asset for Hospitality Businesses

Eat App's comprehensive reservation system offers a transformative approach to managing dining experiences, emphasizing efficiency, guest satisfaction, and profitability. Its wide array of features, combined with ease of use and the ability to integrate seamlessly with existing operations, makes it an invaluable asset for restaurants, hotels, and F&B groups aiming to refine their reservation processes and elevate their service standards. In a landscape where the guest experience is paramount, Eat App stands out as an empowering tool, driving the hospitality industry forward, one table at a time.

Final word 

Choosing the right CRM system is pivotal for the success of your restaurant. The ones featured above exemplify innovative technology and solutions tailored to streamline efficiency and improve customer engagement. 

From powerful analytical features to automated email marketing, CRM systems can make your life significantly easier. They offer a comprehensive approach to managing relationships and maximising customer satisfaction. 

When you invest in a top-tier CRM system, you’re investing in the long-term success of your restaurant. Don’t waste time, get an advanced CRM system and put your customers first. 

Looking to learn more about restaurant CRM systems? At Tech on Toast, we have you have you covered. Feel free to reach out or browse through our website. 

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GuestExperience Management platform HGEM has launched Insight Lab, –a brand new insight consultancy service for HGEM customers who wish to dig deeper into their guest experience data with custom analysis or reporting templates, which will be particularly useful for operators who haven’t got enough time to spare for a deep dive into analysis.

Unlocking the Future of Hospitality: Join the Transformative Event with Industry Leaders

Unlocking the Future of Hospitality: Join the Transformative Event with Industry LeadersIn an era where the hospitality industry is experiencing unprecedented shifts, staying ahead of the curve is not just an advantage; it's a necessity. Join us for a groundbreaking event featuring esteemed industry leaders, including Hawksmoor, Phil Eeles from Honest Burger, Matt Grimshaw of Youda, and Kieron Bailey, Co-Owner at Otolo. Together, we'll dive into crucial topics shaping the landscape of hospitality.

Paytronix releases their 2023 Restaurant Loyalty Report

Restaurant loyalty is the lever everyone needs to think about pulling as we head into 2024. The new Loyalty Report 2023 by Paytronix focuses on guest engagement maturing and provides crucial insight for the upcoming year and beyond.

New Technology vs Change Management - Are we focused on the right problem?

Tech continues to evolve and so does the hospitality industry but we still face a multitude of challenges, from rising costs to high turnover, has spurred the emergence of a vast array of technology solutions.

Toasted, Not Burnt.

This blog is all about how the customer journey has been impacted over the past 3 years and will continue to be so

Thiel-backed fund Valar seeds British payments start-up

Thiel-backed fund Valar seeds British payments start-up

Thread good or Threadful? Let's see how the new social media app measures up!

🐦 Twitter, the feisty little blue bird, has been ruling the social media kingdom for years. With its short and snappy tweets, it's the go-to platform for sharing quick thoughts, viral trends, and breaking news. But wait, here comes 🧵 Thread, the fresh-faced newcomer, ready to challenge the reigning champ!

The Future of Hospitality: How Smart Payment Technology Enhances Guest Experiences

Standout customer experiences are key for boosting revenue and customer loyalty. With Dojo Pocket – a portable, pocket-sized device that integrates with cloud-based EPOS systems – you can take orders and payments whenever, wherever.

Is your tech causing confusion, get a virtual CTO for your restaurant business!

Paytronix release 2023 Online Ordering Report

Who is ordering the most online and who is our most loyal demographic ? Find out with the latest Paytronix Online Ordering Report.

Ordermark U.S. business sold to Urban Piper

No CTO, No problem. Plugging the “ Tech Gap” for midmarket operators.

Limber release a study into flexible working trends in 2023

Marketplace partners HGEM consumer survey finds 1/3 customers not happy with payments in hospitality

Honest Burgers crowdfunding passes £2m mark

Feed It Back reports that complaint resolutions using recovery vouchers increase revisit rates

HRC announces partnership with Tech on Toast

GigPig teams up with Uber to provide its artists with safe transport home

A three-month pilot scheme offering local musicians half price transport home after late-night gigs is being launched in Manchester, thanks to a partnership between live music marketplace GigPig and Uber.

Get Your FREE Tech Audit with Tech on Toast

Get a first look at new restaurant tech research from Vita Mojo

2022-23 Email Marketing Report by Stampede

40% of Consumers Now Prefer to Place Their Delivery and Takeout Orders Via a Restaurant’s App or Website

40% of Consumers Now Prefer to Place Their Delivery and Takeout Orders Via a Restaurant’s App or Website

Earn As You Learn With Tech On Toast

Operators are asked to attend events, take part in content creation both for suppliers and for the industry and its important that they are rewarded for doing so. We all talk about the lack of capacity at operators disposal to support outside of their roles, but rarely do we reward them or our partners.