The Ultimate Human Resource, ATS, Expensing & Procurement Platform Developed Within A Restaurant Group With 20 Years Experience In Various Sectors

CircleHRM came to fruition through twenty years of rigorous development, a journey initiated after experiencing shortcomings in the leading human resources management platforms available at the time. Each platform we explored had its own set of limitations, leaving us unsatisfied and seeking a solution that could truly streamline operations management. Determined to overcome these hurdles, we embarked on a journey to build our own platform — a comprehensive tool that addresses the prevailing issues commonly unnoticed until one is locked into a long-term contract. Now, after meticulous refinement over twenty years, we present CircleHRM: a platform birthed from firsthand experience and designed to sidestep the pitfalls of existing solutions. We've simplified the process to offer you a tool that stands tall where others fall short, ready to facilitate a smoother, more transparent HR management experience for all. Now it's your turn to experience the ease we crafted for ourselves.

We made things easier for ourselves, and now we're offering you the same simplicity.




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