A selection of world-class digital solutions, fused into one flexible system

Fuse offers five versatile e-commerce products under one roof to drive revenue digitally for hospitality businesses:- Order & Pay at Table- Collection & Delivery- Gift Vouchers- Event Ticketing- Online Shop.

Create Your Dream Digital Infrastructure: Select one, two, three, four or all five products to build your perfect combination of revenue-generating platforms.
Making your tech stack more manageable with one provider delivering your mix of e-commerce products.

The benefits of loyalty: Fuse enables marketers to capture actual customer spend data. With one provider delivering your e-commerce products, they are all connected and integrated with your ePOS. All data from digital transactions can be collected and driven into your CRM.

The most powerful marketing tool helping you drive personalised loyalty.Fuse is for hospitality marketers who want to seriously upgrade their guests’ e-commerce experience and drive more digital sales & loyalty.



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