Live entertainment and music marketplace. Designed by artists for artists, all for the love of music.

GigPig is a live music marketplace giving venues of all sizes unparalleled access to local artists (e.g musicians and Djs) and the tools they need to seamlessly book and manage live music. The platform offers artists a free platform to find, play and get paid for gigs, with complete control over when, where and how much they are paid.

Founded in 2022, GigPig is fast becoming the definitive live music platform for venues, artists and UK cities. The platform currently represents more than 5000 artists and 600 venues nationwide, helping bring live music to every corner of the UK.  
Its founders have vast experience of the music and hospitality industries. They are on a mission to harness the power of technology to remove entry barriers into the music industry for artists, venues and bookers; ultimately enabling gigging artists to make a reliable living and venues to thrive. For more information, visit
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