Attract the right candidates, select the best, and wow your new hires from the moment they say yes

Applicant tracking software that’s ready for anything.Get more control with branded careers sites, flexible templates, tailored workflows, beautiful reports, and an easier hiring process—not just for your candidates, but for your own team too.Make better hiring decisions—faster–with Pinpoint.

Pinpoint is always easy-to-use, with the functionality you need now—and the flexibility to add more over time.

Finding quality direct candidates can seem impossible against a backdrop of increasing competition, overwhelming admin, and the pressure to deliver results fast.

You shouldn’t be left to figure it out alone. You deserve the same tools and support that would be table stakes for sales, marketing, or finance.

Simple, intelligent software and unlimited help from our team will enable you to attract more ‘good fit’ candidates, select from the best, and wow your new hire from the moment they say ‘yes’.



Pinpoint's fast & flexible, so companies of all sizes can transform the way you attract, hire, and onboard top talent.

Because Pinpoint’s so flexible, you’ll get a more accurate price if you speak with our team and help them understand your current process and pain points.

Please contact us to learn more about pricing.


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