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Get a first look at new restaurant tech research from Vita Mojo

May 8, 2024
Our marketplace partners Vita Mojo have released their latest insight into restaurant tech revealing 3 restaurant tech trends.

As a restaurant operator, it’s easy to feel a little isolated.

When Vita Mojo were running our own restaurants and faced operational challenges, they often asked themselves “are we the only ones experiencing this?“.

Every operation manages orders in slightly different ways. But despite this, the state of restaurant tech means there are plenty of shared experiences (and challenges) in the running of day-to-day operations and the pursuit of growth.

To shine a light on these shared restaurant tech trends, Vita Mojo have partnered with KAM, a hospitality-focused consumer research agency, to conduct research into the relationship between restaurant operators and the tech they use.

Their new research report ‘Hospitality tech 2024: Bridging the efficiency and profitability gap is coming this September.

Get a sneak preview of three top restaurant tech trends straight from the report below…

Explore the relationship between restaurant operators and the tech they're using with a sneak peek at insights from an upcoming report revealing the truth behind restaurant tech innovation. How does tech help restaurant brands, how does it hinder them, and what are the solutions?

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